5 Reasons to use a Travel Agent for Your Next Vacation


Many people have no idea what they miss out on when they book a vacation without going through an agent. I've compiled a list of the 5 most important reasons why I believe a travel agent should be used for every vacation!

1. They enjoy creating itineraries


Planning trips can be stressful for most people, especially when large groups or small children are involved, but travel agents genuinely enjoy it. This career path didn't just happen to them, they chose it. They enjoy researching locations, searching for the best deals, and creating the ideal vacation for you.

2. They will save you time and reduce your stress


Planning a trip is time-consuming. Researching and comparing lodging, dining, and entertainment is no small task. Not to mention all the other aspects of the trip! Travel agents will happily take the special requests and expectations you give them and handle the exhaustive research so you can worry less about the details and spend more time looking forward to the fun!

3. They will help save you money


Travel agents have special agreements with suppliers, such as airlines and hotels, so they have access to discounts and the best rates available. More importantly, if a trip is already booked and a new deal becomes available, travel agents will do everything they can to apply the new discounts to your current booking! They constantly work to save you money when they can.

4. They are experts


Many travel agents specialize in certain destinations or vacation types, such as all-inclusive, theme parks, or honeymoons. They go through specialized and extensive trainings to gain knowledge and skills in these specific destinations and learn all they can about the packages and deals offered, to provide their clients with the best experiences and deals possible.

5. They will always have your back!


Your travel agent will be with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and making sure you are prepared and ready for the vacation you deserve! They will handle the tedious tasks, track necessary dates, and advocate for you when necessary. If you have questions or concerns, they will be there with answers and support.

Try booking through a travel agent for your next vacation and see what they can do for you!

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